Our Story

Smart Start Reading is the product of  almost two decades in education, teaching  children as young as 3 and adults as old as 73.  We have dedicated our professional lives to furthering knowledge and skill in others.  

In 2016, we decided to take our two children, ages 6  and 10, on a year long adventure in Thailand.  Teaching in a foreign country was something we always wanted to do, and so when the time was right, we went.  It was in Thailand that we met many other traveling families.  Inevitably, the conversation always turned to traveling with children and how everyone taught their kids on the road, what materials they could find, and what was most effective.   We saw a common theme emerge from these chance meetings:  many people claimed to be at a disadvantage because they felt they lacked both the materials and the knowledge of how to teach their kids while away from home. We realized that we had an opportunity to use our knowledge and skill sets to help people teach their children, whether they were traveling around the world or sitting in their kitchen at home.

Smart Start Reading was born, and as the idea grew, we realized that these lessons would be helpful to more people than we originally intended.  Anyone can now use these lessons to teach or reinforce the most important fundamental reading skills of all: phonetic awareness.